Which Truck Has the Shortest Bed?

When it comes to finding the perfect truck for a specific job, size matters. Depending on the type of materials being transported, or the types of loads that need to be hauled, having a truck with the right size bed is extremely important. So when it comes to deciding which truck has the shortest bed, there are a few different options to consider.

Ford Ranger:

The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular mid-size trucks on the market. Its bed measures in at 5’1” and is ideal for hauling medium-sized items such as furniture, camping gear, and smaller tools. However, its small size makes it unsuitable for larger items.

Nissan Frontier:

The Nissan Frontier is another popular mid-size truck that offers a slightly longer bed than the Ranger. It comes with a 5’2” bed and can fit larger items than the Ranger due to its longer length and width. This makes it perfect for hauling furniture, gardening supplies, and other large items.

Toyota Tacoma:

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular compact pickup trucks available today. Its bed measures in at just 4’6” but still offers plenty of storage space due to its width and height. This makes it ideal for hauling smaller items such as camping gear, gardening supplies, and tools.


When it comes to choosing which truck has the shortest bed, there are several options available depending on your specific needs. The Ford Ranger offers a 5’1” bed while both the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma offer slightly longer beds with 5’2” and 4’6″ respectively. Ultimately, choosing which truck has the shortest bed depends on what you want to haul in your truck and how much space you need for your cargo.

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