Who Buys a Pickup Truck?

Pickup trucks are rapidly becoming the vehicle of choice for many Americans. With their powerful engines, spacious interiors, and rugged design, pickups have become a popular option for those who need a reliable, versatile vehicle. But who exactly is buying these trucks?

First of all, it’s no surprise that pickup truck buyers tend to be male. According to research from Edmunds, nearly 67% of pickup truck buyers are men. This is largely because men associate pickups with power and practicality — traits that appeal to the average male buyer.

In terms of age and income level, pickup truck buyers tend to be older and wealthier than the average car buyer. According to data from J.D Power and Associates, the median age of pickup truck buyers is 46 years old — more than 10 years older than the median age of car buyers — while their median household income is over $90,000 per year.

Pickup truck buyers also tend to live in rural or suburban areas. Data from Clean Technica shows that nearly 70% of pickup truck sales occur in rural or suburban areas — not in cities or large metropolitan areas. This could be due to the fact that pickups are better suited for rough terrain or off-roading activities.


In summary, pickup truck buyers are typically male, older, wealthier individuals who live in rural or suburban areas. While there may be other factors influencing why someone chooses a pickup truck over another vehicle type, these characteristics seem to remain true for most buyers.

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Stephen Dunn