Who Created the First Bigfoot Monster Truck?

Since the introduction of monster trucks in the 1970s, they have become a popular source of entertainment for all ages. One of the most iconic and recognizable monster trucks is Bigfoot.

But who created the first Bigfoot monster truck?

Bob Chandler and his wife Marilyn, owners of Midwest Four Wheel Drive & Performance Center in St. Louis, Missouri, are credited with creating the first Bigfoot monster truck in 1975. Bob was a driving force behind many innovations in the sport of four-wheel drive, off-road racing and later in the development of monster trucks.

Prior to creating Bigfoot, Bob had been involved in customizing a variety of vehicles for off-road use. He had also competed successfully in off-road races throughout the Midwest and had become a leader in off-road racing technology. In 1975 Bob saw an opportunity to combine his passion for off-road racing with his love for four-wheel drive vehicles, when he noticed that no one was currently building competitively designed monster trucks.

Bob enlisted the help of his friend Jim Kramer to construct a truck capable of competing with other modified 4x4s at events such as mud bogs and tractor pulls. The two men worked together to build a vehicle which featured larger than normal tires, a reinforced frame and suspension components capable of handling extreme terrain. After several months of hard work, their creation was complete – it was named “Bigfoot”.

In conclusion, Bob Chandler and Jim Kramer are credited with creating the first Bigfoot monster truck back in 1975. Since then it has become one of the most recognizable symbols in all forms of motorsport entertainment.

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