Who Did the First Back Flip in a Monster Truck?

The first back flip in a monster truck was accomplished on March 20, 2004 by driver Jeremy McGrath. McGrath, a motocross racer, had just finished a successful career in Supercross and was looking for a new challenge.

After some discussion with his sponsors, he decided to take on the stunt of flipping a full-size monster truck.

McGrath had the perfect set of skills and experience to make the trick possible. With seventeen years of racing experience, he was familiar with all types of terrain and had an excellent sense of balance and control. He also had an aptitude for aerial tricks, which would come in handy for the back flip.

In order to make sure he could perform the stunt safely, McGrath worked closely with his sponsors to construct a special ramp made from two layers of steel plates. This ramp allowed him to gain enough speed and momentum to successfully flip the truck without putting himself or anyone else in danger.

On March 20th, McGrath took off from the ramp at full speed and completed the first ever back flip in a monster truck. The crowd went wild as they watched him land safely on all four wheels and drive away unscathed. Since then, other drivers have followed in his footsteps and attempted similar stunts.


Jeremy McGrath is credited with being the first driver to successfully complete a back flip in a monster truck. With his expertise in motocross racing and aerial tricks, he was able to construct a safe ramp that allowed him to gain enough speed and momentum for the trick. His successful attempt has since been followed by many other drivers who have gone on to attempt similar stunts.

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