Who Did the First Flip in a Monster Truck?

The first flip in a Monster Truck is an iconic moment for motorsports and stunt driving. It was a daring move that set the stage for what would become an entire genre of extreme sports. Who did the first flip in a monster truck?

In 1982, Bob Chandler made history by becoming the first driver to ever successfully pull off a backflip in a monster truck. At the time, Chandler was driving his famous Bigfoot 4×4 truck and performing stunts at his own events. He had already been doing wheelies and jumps with his vehicle, but he wanted to do something even more daring.

On June 28th, 1982, Chandler decided to attempt a backflip with Bigfoot 4×4. He drove the truck up a ramp at full speed and then released the clutch as he sailed over it. After releasing the clutch, he then shifted into reverse and engaged the brakes as he came down to ensure that he landed safely on his tires.

The stunt was a success! The crowd erupted with cheers as they witnessed this historic moment – it was truly something that had never been seen before.

Since then, monster trucks have grown in popularity and become an integral part of extreme sports culture. There have been countless drivers who have followed in Bob Chandler’s footsteps by attempting flips and other stunts with their own vehicles.

Bob Chandler will always be remembered as the pioneer who did the first flip in a monster truck. His bravery and determination paved the way for an entire new genre of motorsports.


Bob Chandler is credited with being the first person to ever successfully perform a backflip in a Monster Truck on June 28th, 1982. Since then, monster trucks have become an integral part of extreme sports culture due to Bob’s pioneering efforts. He will always be remembered as the one who pushed limits beyond what anyone thought possible at that time.

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