Who Drives Barefoot the Monster Truck?

Barefoot the Monster Truck is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that has taken the motorsports world by storm. It has become an international sensation and is driven by some of the most talented drivers in the world. The truck was designed and built by a company called Monster Jam, who are experts in creating extreme vehicles for motorsport events.

Barefoot has a unique design that sets it apart from other monster trucks. It features a custom-built chassis and suspension system that allows it to jump higher and farther than any other truck in its class. The truck also features custom wheels, tires, and bodywork that give it an aggressive look on the track.

The truck is powered by a powerful 572 cubic inch (9.3 liters) engine that produces up to 1,400 horsepower. This engine is combined with a 4-speed transmission and 4WD drivetrain to give Barefoot incredible speed and agility on the track.

But who drives Barefoot? The answer might surprise you!

The primary driver of Barefoot is professional racer Rob Naughton, who has been driving monster trucks professionally since 2005. He has won numerous championships in both the USHRA Monster Jam series and the Monster Energy Supercross series. He also holds several records for long distance jumps in monster trucks, including setting the current world record for farthest jump with a monster truck at 183 feet (56 meters).

Rob Naughton is an experienced driver with an impressive resume of accomplishments in motorsports events around the world. He brings his passion for extreme sports to every event he competes in, making him an ideal candidate to drive Barefoot the Monster Truck.

With his experience behind the wheel of this powerful machine, Rob is sure to bring thrills and excitement to every event he attends.


Rob Naughton is the primary driver of Barefoot the Monster Truck, bringing his passion for extreme sports to every event he competes in. With his experience behind this impressive machine, Rob is sure to bring thrills and excitement wherever he goes.

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