Who Drives Gas Monkey Monster Truck?

The Gas Monkey Monster Truck has taken the world of motorsports by storm. With its large size, high-powered engine and extreme stunts, it is no surprise that this truck has become an international sensation. But who exactly is behind the wheel of this incredible vehicle?

The Gas Monkey Monster Truck is driven by veteran motorsports driver Alex Blackwell. As one of the most experienced drivers in the industry, Alex has been involved in monster truck racing for over 10 years. He has competed in various events throughout the United States and Canada, and even made a few appearances on TV shows such as Street Outlaws and Diesel Brothers.

Alex is well-known for his skill behind the wheel, as well as his ability to pull off some amazing stunts. His driving style is aggressive yet controlled, and he often takes risks that other drivers would not dare to take. This makes him one of the most entertaining drivers to watch when it comes to monster truck racing.

When it comes to his personal life, Alex is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and two sons. He also enjoys working on cars in his spare time and can often be found tinkering with old classics in his garage. In addition to being a great driver, Alex also serves as a mentor for other aspiring monster truck racers.


Alex Blackwell is the driving force behind Gas Monkey Monster Truck. With over 10 years experience in motorsports and an aggressive yet controlled driving style, he has become an international sensation within the industry. When he’s not behind the wheel of this incredible vehicle, Alex enjoys spending time with his family or tinkering with classic cars in his garage.

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