Who Drives the BroDozer Monster Truck?

The BroDozer Monster Truck is one of the most impressive vehicles ever to be seen rolling around a stadium! It’s an extreme, powerful and intense machine that can do things no other truck can do.

It’s become a cultural icon, and its presence at monster truck events has become synonymous with excitement and fun. But who drives the BroDozer Monster Truck?

The answer is none other than BroDozer himself – Chad Tingler. Chad is an experienced monster truck driver who has been competing in the sport for over fifteen years.

He started out as a local competitor in his hometown of San Diego, California before becoming a professional driver in 2008. Since then, Chad has gained recognition as one of the top drivers in the sport and has earned multiple championships and awards.

Chad’s driving style is aggressive yet controlled, allowing him to stay on top of his game during competition. His skill behind the wheel of the BroDozer Monster Truck is unparalleled – he can pull off some truly amazing stunts that wow crowds wherever he goes. He’s also known for being one of the most consistent drivers on the circuit, rarely making mistakes that could cost him points or disqualifications.

Chad isn’t just a talented driver though – he’s also an excellent mechanic who takes great pride in keeping his truck running at peak performance level. He spends countless hours fine-tuning every aspect of his vehicle, from suspension tuning to engine maintenance and everything in between. This attention to detail ensures that Chad’s truck always looks and performs its best when it hits the track or show floor.

So there you have it – Chad Tingler drives the legendary BroDozer Monster Truck! With his incredible skill behind the wheel combined with his mechanical know-how and dedication to excellence, Chad ensures that this iconic vehicle continues to bring excitement and entertainment to fans everywhere for years to come.


Chad Tingler is certainly deserving of all the praise he receives for being one of the top drivers on the monster truck circuit today – he drives with skill and precision while also ensuring his vehicle performs at its best through meticulous maintenance and tuning. There’s no doubt that Chad is truly worthy of being behind the wheel of such an iconic machine like The BroDozer Monster Truck!

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