Who Drives the Instigator Monster Truck?

The Instigator Monster Truck is a popular attraction at many monster truck shows and events. It is an impressive vehicle that stands out from the other trucks on the track. The Instigator Monster Truck is driven by professional driver Aaron Basl, who has been driving monster trucks since 2009.

Aaron Basl has been in love with monster trucks ever since he was a young boy. He started racing smaller vehicles as a child and soon developed a passion for the larger monster trucks. He began attending events around the country, taking in all of the action and excitement of this amazing sport.

He eventually got his own truck and began competing in various competitions around the country. After some time, Aaron’s skill behind the wheel of a monster truck earned him a spot on Team Instigator, where he was finally given the opportunity to drive his own custom-built Instigator Monster Truck.

The Instigator Monster Truck is an impressive machine, with its bright orange paint job and menacing black grille, it stands out among other monster trucks on the track. It has an impressive 572 cubic inch engine which gives it plenty of power to make it through even the toughest terrain.

It also features custom shocks and suspension system which gives it superior handling capabilities over other vehicles in its class. The Instigator Monster Truck can easily jump over cars and navigate tight turns with ease thanks to Aaron’s skill behind the wheel.

At each show, Aaron puts on an incredible display of driving performance for fans to enjoy. He performs stunts like donuts and wheelies that get everyone cheering as they watch him tear up the track with his powerful machine.

Who drives the Instigator Monster Truck? Professional driver Aaron Basl drives this amazing vehicle at shows all over the country! With his impressive skills behind the wheel, he brings excitement to every event he attends and leaves fans cheering for more!

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