Who Drives the Jurassic Attack Monster Truck?

The Jurassic Attack Monster Truck is one of the most popular trucks in the monster truck world. It has been around since 1994, and has become a fan favorite at monster truck shows across the country.

The truck features a huge body with an aggressive stance, a powerful engine and large tires that give it an intimidating presence. It is also one of the few monster trucks that comes equipped with a unique set of features: four-wheel drive and an onboard computer system.

The driver of this impressive machine is Steve Sims, who has been behind the wheel for over 20 years. He is well-known in the monster truck community for his skillful driving techniques and his ability to make daring jumps and stunts with ease. He is also known for his ability to take risks when necessary, which makes him an ideal driver for this type of vehicle.

In addition to driving the Jurassic Attack Monster Truck, Steve Sims also owns several other vehicles that he uses to compete in various events. He is a master at navigating courses with tight turns and obstacles and loves nothing more than pushing these vehicles to their limits. He also enjoys showing off his skills with other drivers by performing stunts such as donuts or wheelies.

Steve Sims drives the Jurassic Attack Monster Truck with incredible skill and precision.

When it comes to driving this powerful machine, Steve Sims has proven himself time and time again. With years of experience under his belt, he knows exactly how to handle any situation that may arise during an event or show, making him one of the best drivers in the business. His skillful driving techniques combined with his willingness to take risks make him a perfect choice for those looking for an adrenaline-filled ride.


Steve Sims is undoubtedly one of the best drivers in all of monster trucking and is more than qualified to handle the Jurassic Attack Monster Truck. His years of experience combine with his willingness to take risks make him uniquely suited for driving this powerful machine.

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