Who Drives the Shark Monster Truck?

Shark Monster Truck is one of the most exciting and unique rides on the planet. It’s an oversized, monster truck with a great big fin and a bright red painted body.

It’s been around since the early 1990s, and it’s become an iconic symbol of the monster truck industry.

This monster truck is based on a modified Ford F-250 pickup truck. It has a massive 6-inch lift kit, huge off-road tires, and a 600-hp engine that can easily make it fly over sand dunes or through whatever terrain you throw at it.

The interior of the truck is just as impressive, featuring leather seating for four passengers, plus custom-built sound systems and even LED lighting.

It takes quite a bit of skill to be able to drive this beast of a vehicle. The driver needs to have good knowledge of driving techniques as well as how to handle the powerful engine and suspension system. They also need to be able to read terrain quickly and take fast decisions while on the move.

The driver also needs to have nerves of steel, as these monsters are not for those who are scared easily! But when driven correctly they can perform some amazing stunts that will leave you speechless.

Who Drives the Shark Monster Truck?

The driver behind this incredible machine is professional monster truck driver Jimmy Creten. Creten has been driving monster trucks since 2004 and has won multiple championships in his career. He has an immense amount of experience in off-roading and driving these massive vehicles.

He has been working with Shark Monster Truck since its inception in 1994, so he knows all its secrets! He knows every inch of this machine inside out and can drive it with precision like no other.


Jimmy Creten, with his immense experience in off-roading and driving monster trucks, is the one behind the wheel when it comes to driving Shark Monster Truck.

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