Who Drives the Zombie Monster Truck?

The Zombie Monster Truck is the most popular attraction at monster truck shows around the world. It’s a huge, heavily armoured vehicle with a menacing, undead paint job and an intimidating engine roar. But have you ever wondered who drives this monstrous vehicle?

Well, as it turns out, the answer is – it depends! Most of the time, the Zombie Monster Truck is piloted by professional drivers. These are experienced drivers who know how to handle the immense power of these vehicles, and they often come from a background in racing or stunt driving.

But there are also times when the driver of the Zombie Monster Truck is not an experienced professional. Instead, it can be a lucky fan chosen from the audience! The show organizers will usually pick someone at random from among those attending and give them a chance to drive the truck – although they are always accompanied in the cab by an experienced driver.

The lucky fan then gets to live out their dreams and drive one of these incredible machines for a few minutes in front of a cheering crowd. It’s an unforgettable experience for everyone involved – especially for those lucky enough to get behind the wheel!


So there you have it – while most of the time professional drivers take control of the Zombie Monster Truck at monster truck shows around the world, sometimes it can be a lucky fan chosen from among those attending who gets to enjoy an unforgettable experience driving one of these amazing vehicles.

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Stephen Dunn