Who Drove the nWo Monster Truck?

The nWo monster truck was a popular sight in the professional wrestling world in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It made its debut in WCW Nitro in 1996, and quickly became one of the most recognizable elements of the show. The truck was driven by a variety of people, including wrestlers and announcers from WCW and WWF.

The most famous driver was Scott Hall, better known as Razor Ramon. He drove the monster truck for several years before leaving for WWF in 1996. Hall would often make an entrance with the truck, driving it around the ring before getting out to confront his opponents.

The other driver was Kevin Nash, better known as Diesel in WWF.

He drove the truck for a few years after Hall left, and even competed with it in Monster Jam events. Nash’s time behind the wheel was memorable for many fans since he would often drive recklessly around the ring to intimidate his opponents.

The third driver was Booker T, now known as King Booker in WWE. He drove the monster truck during his time with WCW and often used it to make an entrance before matches or during interviews. He would also use it to help him win matches by running over his opponents.

Finally, there were various announcers who took turns driving the monster truck during its tenure with WCW and WWF. The most notable of these announcers were Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone. They often went out of their way to make sure that viewers knew who had just driven through when they announced it on television.

In conclusion, all four drivers – Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Kevin Nash (Diesel), Booker T (King Booker) and various announcers – have contributed to making the nWo monster truck one of professional wrestling’s most recognizable elements from 1996 to 2000s.

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