Who Invented the First Pickup Truck?

The pickup truck is one of the most popular vehicles on the roads today. It’s versatile, reliable, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

But who invented the first pickup truck? That question has been debated for years.

The first known pickup truck was designed by Meyer Brothers Body Company in 1925. The vehicle was called the “Meyer Special Delivery,” and it was essentially a car with an open-topped box in the back. This design was a success, and Meyer Brothers went on to produce more than 20 models of pickup trucks before they went out of business in 1932.

However, some historians claim that the first true pickup truck was invented by Henry Ford in 1917. Ford’s Model TT was a commercial-grade vehicle that featured an enclosed cargo compartment in the back. It is believed that this design inspired other automakers to develop their own versions of pickup trucks.

Dodge Brothers, for example, released their version of the pickup truck in 1924. Their design featured an enclosed cab and an open bed with sides. This model proved to be extremely popular with farmers and ranchers, and it helped to solidify Dodge’s place as one of America’s leading automakers.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say who invented the first pickup truck definitively. But it seems likely that Meyer Brothers’ 1925 “Meyer Special Delivery” was the first true production model of its kind, while Henry Ford’s Model TT may have served as inspiration for other automakers to create their own versions of this innovative vehicle.

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