Who Is Making Electric Pickup Truck?

Electric pickup trucks are a hot new topic in the automotive industry. With the demand for electric vehicles on the rise, automakers are racing to develop their own electric pickups and get them to market as soon as possible. Several companies are in the running to be the first to release a full-fledged electric pickup truck.


Tesla is one of the most well-known automakers in the world, and it has made its name primarily with electric cars.

However, Tesla recently announced plans for its own electric pickup truck, which is expected to be released in 2021. The Tesla pickup is designed to look like a modern-day truck with an edgy design, as well as have impressive performance capabilities.


Ford is perhaps the most traditional automaker on this list, but it has also been making waves in the electric vehicle space. Ford announced its own plans for an all-electric pickup truck at an event in July 2019, calling it “the future of toughness”. The company is aiming to have it on sale by mid-2022 and has said that it will offer impressive performance capabilities similar to those of a gasoline-powered vehicle.


Rivian is a relatively new player in the automotive industry but has made quite a splash with its upcoming all-electric R1T pickup truck. The R1T combines impressive performance capabilities with an aggressive design and advanced technology features such as over-the-air updates and adaptive cruise control. The company is aiming for a late 2020 launch.


With several companies vying for dominance in this space, it’s clear that electric pickups are set to become more commonplace in the near future. Tesla, Ford and Rivian are just some of the major players who are leading the charge towards electrifying pickups. It will be interesting to see how these companies fare against each other when they launch their vehicles over the next couple of years.

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