Who Is the Octopus in Monster Jam Truck?

Monster Jam is a popular event featuring large trucks racing, doing stunts and tricks in a show-like atmosphere. The highlight of the show is the Octopus truck, which features a unique design that stands out from the other Monster Jam trucks. The Octopus truck is driven by veteran driver, Tom Meents and it has become an icon in the Monster Jam world.

The Octopus truck is one of the most popular Monster Jam trucks due to its unique design and features. It features an octopus-like body with eight large tires, three large spoilers, two large exhausts and one big eye at the front. It also has a very powerful engine which helps it to perform stunts and tricks with ease. The truck also has an onboard computer which helps Tom Meents to control the vehicle’s movements during performances.

Tom Meents has been driving this Monster Jam truck since 2005 and has become an expert of controlling it.

He is also known for his daring stunts like backflips, forward flips, high jumps and even barrel rolls. He has won several awards for his performances and is considered as one of the best drivers in Monster Jam.

The Octopus truck has become an iconic symbol in the Monster Jam world and is loved by fans all over the world. It stands out amongst all other trucks for its unique design and features as well as Tom Meents’ amazing driving skills.


Tom Meents is the driver behind Monster Jam’s iconic Octopus Truck. He has been driving this unique truck since 2005 and has become an expert at controlling it. His daring stunts have earned him several awards and he is considered as one of the best drivers in Monster Jam.

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