Who Made the First Bigfoot Monster Truck?

The Bigfoot Monster Truck is a very iconic vehicle with its huge tires and bright colors. It has become an international sensation and is widely recognized as one of the most popular monster trucks in the world. But who first created this amazing vehicle?

The first Bigfoot Monster Truck was created in 1975 by Bob Chandler, an American entrepreneur from St. Louis, Missouri. Bob had a passion for off-road racing and wanted to create a truck that could take on any terrain. He knew he needed something powerful and durable that could handle rough terrain, so he developed an innovative suspension system that enabled the truck to withstand extreme conditions.

He also built the truck’s body out of fiberglass, which made it lightweight yet incredibly strong. The combination of these features allowed Bob to enter the truck into off-road races across the United States and it quickly gained popularity amongst racers everywhere.

The success of Bob’s truck didn’t stop there though. He began to modify his design and add even more features to make it even more powerful and capable of tackling any obstacle in its path. This included oversized tires, bigger engines, custom paint jobs, and much more.

Bob continued making improvements to his monster truck until it became known all over the world as “Bigfoot” in honor of its incredible size and power. Today there are multiple versions of Bigfoot Monster Trucks all over the world with various modifications being made to each one.


Bob Chandler is credited with creating the first Bigfoot Monster Truck in 1975.

His innovative design combined with powerful engines and oversized tires made it a hit amongst racers everywhere. Through modifications and improvements over time, Bob’s creation has become an international sensation known all around the world as “Bigfoot”.

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