Who Makes the Tallest Truck Camper Shell?

When it comes to choosing a truck camper shell, taller is often better. Not only do taller truck camper shells provide more headroom for standing and sleeping, but they also provide more space for storage of belongings. So who makes the tallest truck camper shells?

One of the tallest truck camper shells currently on the market is made by ARE. The company’s V Series Shells come in heights of 75”, 78” and 81”, providing plenty of headroom for even the tallest drivers. The V Series Shells are also designed to accommodate a wide range of trucks and include features such as an aerodynamic shape, a low profile design, and large side windows.

Another company that makes tall truck camper shells is SnugTop. The company’s Super Sport shell comes in heights of 73”, 78” and 83”, making it one of the tallest on the market. In addition to providing plenty of headroom, the Super Sport shell also features an aerodynamic shape and a low profile design.


When it comes to choosing a tall truck camper shell, both ARE and SnugTop offer options with heights ranging from 73″ up to 83″. Both companies offer shells with an aerodynamic shape and low profile design that will fit a wide range of trucks.

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