Who Owns the Monster Truck Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is one of the most recognizable monster trucks of all time. It has been featured in numerous films, television shows, and commercials, and has become a pop culture icon in its own right. But who actually owns the legendary vehicle?

The original Bigfoot truck was built in 1975 by Bob Chandler, a former motorcross racer who had an affinity for custom-built vehicles. He named it after the mythical creature known as Bigfoot, due to its large size and powerful engine. At the time, monster trucks were still a relatively new concept and Chandler’s creation was one of the first to gain widespread recognition.

Chandler’s Bigfoot quickly gained fame for its ability to perform spectacular stunts that no other vehicle of its size could match. It became a regular feature at shows around the country and was regularly seen on television and in movies. In 1986, Chandler sold his beloved truck to fellow monster truck enthusiast Jim Kramer, who then continued to take it around the country for performances.

In 2003, Kramer sold Bigfoot to Jim’s son Larry Kramer who has since become its primary driver. Larry Kramer also owns BigFoot 4×4 Inc., which manufactures parts for monster trucks all over the world. The company also owns an extensive fleet of Bigfoot replica vehicles that are used in shows and events around the country.


So while there have been many owners of the legendary Monster Truck Bigfoot over the years, it is currently owned by Larry Kramer who is also behind BigFoot 4×4 Inc., a company that makes parts for monster trucks worldwide.

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Susan Delgado