Who Owns the Original Bigfoot Monster Truck?

The Bigfoot monster truck is one of the most iconic vehicles in the world, and has been since its debut in 1979. It was created by Bob Chandler, a truck enthusiast from St. Louis, Missouri, who wanted to build a vehicle that could conquer any terrain.

Since then, Bigfoot has become an international sensation, appearing in movies and TV shows, as well as at monster truck shows around the world. But who owns the original Bigfoot monster truck?

The original Bigfoot monster truck was designed and built by Bob Chandler from 1979 to 1986. During this time period, it was owned by Chandler’s family-owned business, Midwest Four Wheel Drive & Performance Centers. After 1986, ownership of the vehicle changed hands several times before it eventually ended up with Monster Truck Promotions LLC (MTP), which is owned by Dennis Anderson and Jim Kramer.

MTP has been the owner of the original Bigfoot since 2002 and has maintained and restored it to its former glory. In addition to owning the iconic vehicle, MTP also owns several other Bigfoot trucks that have been built over the years. These vehicles are used for shows across North America, Europe and Australia and have become just as popular as the original Bigfoot monster truck.

The original Bigfoot has been featured in a variety of projects over the years including television shows such as Mythbusters and Monster Garage; movies like The Dukes of Hazzard; video games like 4×4 EVO; and commercial advertisements for companies such as Snapple Beverage Corp., 7-Up Soft Drink Co., Pepsi-Cola Co., McDonald’s Corporation, KFC Corporation and many more.

Today, Monster Truck Promotions LLC (MTP) is responsible for maintaining ownership of the original Bigfoot monster truck as well as several other versions of it built over time. They use these vehicles for shows around North America and beyond to entertain audiences with their impressive size and power.

In conclusion, Monster Truck Promotions LLC (MTP) currently owns the original Bigfoot monster truck along with several other versions of it that have been built over time. The iconic vehicle has made appearances in a variety of projects including television shows, movies and video games while being maintained by MTP so that audiences can continue to enjoy its incredible size and power at live events around North America.

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