Who Was the First Driver of the Bigfoot Monster Truck?

Bigfoot is one of the most iconic and recognizable monster trucks in the world. Its fame began in 1974 when Bob Chandler, a former construction worker, built the first Bigfoot truck.

Since then, the Bigfoot franchise has grown to include multiple trucks, drivers, and even its own TV show. But who was the first driver of the original Bigfoot truck?

The answer is Bob Chandler himself. He was not only responsible for building the truck but also for driving it at its first event in 1974.

Chandler’s experience as a construction worker gave him an edge when it came to building his own truck. He had knowledge of how different pieces of machinery worked together and knew which parts he needed to make his dream a reality.

Chandler’s passion for monster trucks led him to drive all over the U.S., participating in events such as mud bogs, wheel stands, and other competitions. He quickly gained fame as a skilled driver and was often called upon to showcase his skills at shows. His innovative stunts were among some of the earliest seen in monster truck racing, making him a pioneer in the sport.

Chandler was also known for his willingness to help others achieve their own dreams of becoming a monster truck driver or owning their own vehicle. He shared his knowledge and experience with others who wanted to follow in his footsteps and created an environment where it was possible for anyone to become involved with monster trucks.

Bob Chandler’s legacy lives on through all of his accomplishments both on and off-track throughout his career as a driver and builder of monster trucks. His creativity and pioneering spirit have been instrumental in shaping what we know today as “Bigfoot.” In fact, when discussing who was the first driver of Bigfoot Monster Truck, Bob Chandler’s name will always come up first.


Who Was The First Driver Of The Bigfoot Monster Truck? The answer is none other than Bob Chandler himself! As both an experienced construction worker and passionate monster truck enthusiast, he used his knowledge to build up one of the most iconic vehicles ever created – Bigfoot! From there he drove it to fame at events all over America while also inspiring others with his pioneering spirit.

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