Who Was the First Monster Truck?

Monster trucks are a unique form of entertainment that have been around since the 1970s. They are large, customized vehicles that are used for a variety of stunts, such as racing, car crushing, and more. But who was the first monster truck?

The original monster truck was created by Bob Chandler in 1979. It was called Bigfoot and it featured a large Ford F-250 pickup body mounted on an altered chassis with 66 inch tall tires. It quickly became popular at mud bogs and truck pulls, and soon after other monster trucks were created by other enthusiasts.

Chandler’s Bigfoot was the first truck to be officially named a “monster truck” when it appeared in ads for USA Today in 1981. The term “monster truck” soon became widely used to describe any truck that featured oversized tires, modified suspensions, and powerful engines.

In 1982, Chandler organized the first monster truck event at a motocross track in St. Louis, Missouri. This event is considered to be the first official monster truck show and it featured several different monster trucks performing stunts such as wheelies and car crushing. This event is credited with popularizing the sport of monster truck racing.

The popularity of monster trucks has grown over time and today there are hundreds of monster trucks competing in events all over the world. They have become an integral part of motorsports entertainment and are beloved by fans young and old.

In conclusion, Bob Chandler’s Bigfoot was the first officially named ‘monster truck’ when it appeared in ads for USA Today in 1981. He also organized the first ever official monster truck show in 1982 which popularized this motorsport entertainment across the world.

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