Why Does My RC Car Not Go Straight?

If you’ve recently purchased or built a Remote Controlled (RC) car, it can be frustrating when it doesn’t move in the direction you want it to. One of the most common issues that can cause an RC car to not travel in a straight line is a malfunctioning steering system. This can happen if your car has not been properly calibrated or if the steering mechanism is damaged.

When your RC car is out of alignment, it will tend to drift in one direction or the other. To determine if your car’s steering system is causing your issue, try adjusting the trim on your controller.

The trim adjusters are usually located on the bottom of the transmitter and they allow you to fine-tune the steering response. If adjusting the trim doesn’t help, then you may need to calibrate your servo which requires more in-depth knowledge regarding how RC cars work.

In addition to a malfunctioning steering system, there are other causes that may be preventing your RC car from travelling straight. These include: worn tires, worn differential gears, imbalanced wheels or tires, and misaligned axles or hubs. All of these issues can cause a loss of traction and cause your car to veer off course.

It’s also important to note that different surfaces can have an effect on how well an RC car moves. If you are running your car on grass, dirt roads or any other uneven terrain then this can cause excessive wear and tear on the drivetrain components which can lead to improper control over your vehicle’s movements.

To sum up, there are several reasons why an RC Car may not go straight including: misaligned steering systems; worn tires; imbalanced wheels or tires; and misaligned axles or hubs. Additionally, running an RC Car on uneven surfaces such as grass or dirt roads can also contribute to its inability to travel in a straight line. To prevent these issues from occurring in the future, it is recommended that regular maintenance be performed on your vehicle and that you avoid driving it over rough terrain.


Whether it’s due to mechanical wear-and-tear or improper calibration of its steering system, there are many factors that could potentially be causing why your RC Car isn’t going straight. By troubleshooting and addressing any potential problems with its components and by avoiding driving over rough terrain, you should be able to restore its performance back to normal.

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