Why Is a Truck Called a Pickup?

A pickup truck, sometimes called simply a ‘pickup’, is a light-duty vehicle with an open-bed for carrying cargo. Pickup trucks are distinguished from other vehicles by their boxy shape, high ground clearance, and the ability to carry large amounts of cargo. The name ‘pickup’ comes from the fact that they were originally used to ‘pick up’ and carry items such as hay or livestock.

The use of pickup trucks has evolved over time and they are now commonly used for both commercial and personal purposes. Businesses often use them to transport goods or materials to and from sites.

They are also used by many people for recreational purposes such as camping trips or carrying sporting equipment. They are particularly popular in rural areas where they can be used to access remote locations.

Pickup trucks are versatile vehicles that can be adapted for different uses. Many models have removable sides which can be taken off and replaced with specialised racks or shelving units for easy transportation of tools, building materials or other items. The bed of a pickup truck can also be modified in order to transport larger items such as furniture or boats.

Pickup trucks come in different sizes and power ratings depending on the intended use. Smaller pickups are ideal for everyday use while larger models may have more powerful engines which make them better suited for heavier loads or more difficult terrain.


The term ‘pickup’ comes from their original purpose of picking up and transporting cargo, but today they have become much more than that. Pickup trucks are now incredibly versatile vehicles which can be adapted to suit different needs and uses. From transporting goods to carrying furniture, these vehicles offer plenty of options when it comes to moving things around.

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