Will a Basketball Hoop Fit in a Truck Bed?

A common question that basketball players ask when transporting a hoop to a game or practice is whether or not their hoop will fit in the bed of their truck. The answer varies, depending on the size and type of truck you have, as well as the size and type of basketball hoop you want to transport.

When it comes to the size and type of truck, most standard pickup trucks have a bed that measures 6’6” long and 5’11” wide. If your truck is larger than this, it can accommodate a larger basketball hoop. However, if your truck is smaller than this, it likely won’t accommodate even a standard-sized hoop.

When considering the size and type of hoop, most residential hoops are 6’6” tall with an 18” diameter base. This should fit comfortably in most standard pickup beds – particularly if you only have one hoop. If you have multiple hoops or if you are transporting a larger model like an 8′ x 10′ adjustable height goal, then you may need to consider other options such as tying down the hoops in the bed or even renting a trailer.


In conclusion, most standard pickup trucks should be able to accommodate one standard-sized basketball hoop with no problem. However, for larger models or multiple hoops, other methods such as tying them down or renting a trailer may be necessary.

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