Will a Bigger Battery Make My RC Car Go Faster?

When it comes to upgrading your RC car, one of the most common questions asked is whether getting a bigger battery will make your RC car go faster. The short answer is, it depends. While a bigger battery can provide more energy and improved performance, there are several factors that can limit the speed of an RC car.

The most important factor to consider when considering a larger battery is the motor power of the RC car. The motor power determines how much power and speed the car will have when running on a given size battery. If the motor is not powerful enough to take advantage of the increased energy from a larger battery, then you won’t see any increased performance.

Another factor to consider is the weight of your RC car. A heavier car will require more energy to move, and so a larger battery may be necessary in order to provide enough power for acceleration and top speed. On the other hand, if your RC car is lightweight, then you may not need as much energy from a larger battery in order to achieve maximum performance.

Finally, different batteries have different discharge rates. A higher discharge rate means that more energy can be released from the battery at once, allowing for quicker acceleration and higher top speeds. Lower discharge rate batteries will still provide plenty of power but may not be able to sustain high speeds for long periods of time.


In conclusion, whether or not getting a bigger battery makes your RC car go faster depends on several factors including motor power, weight and discharge rate. If all conditions are right then you can expect an increase in speed but if any one factor isn’t up to par then you may not see any improvement at all.

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