Will a Honda Pioneer 500 Fit in a Truck Bed?

The Honda Pioneer 500 is an incredibly popular side-by-side off-road vehicle that has become a favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts. With its small size and excellent maneuverability, it’s no wonder that people are wondering if the Pioneer 500 can fit in a typical truck bed. The answer to this question depends on the size of the truck bed and the type of modifications you are willing to make.

Size Matters

The Honda Pioneer 500 measures in at 63” wide and 116” long, which is relatively small compared to other side-by-sides. This makes it ideal for fitting into a smaller truck bed, as long as you have enough clearance for its width.

If your truck has a full-size 6ft bed, then you should have no problem fitting in the Pioneer 500 with plenty of room to spare. However, if your truck bed is smaller than 6ft, then it might be a bit of a tight squeeze.


If your truck bed is shorter than 6ft but you still want to fit in your Pioneer 500, then you may need to make some modifications. The most common modification is to remove the roof from the vehicle and lay it flat within the bed.

This will reduce its overall height so that it can fit easier within the confined space. Additionally, you may want to consider adding tie down straps or some other form of securing mechanism so that it doesn’t move around while driving on bumpy roads or trails.

The Honda Pioneer 500 can fit into most truck beds with enough room for other items or passengers as well. However, if your truck has a smaller than normal bed size, then you may need to make some modifications such as removing the roof or adding tie down straps in order for it to fit properly.

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