Will a Pickup Truck Fit in a Shipping Container?

Pickup trucks are a popular choice for many people who need to transport large items or goods. The question often comes up of whether or not a pickup truck will fit into a shipping container.

The answer is yes, but it depends on the size of the pickup truck and the size of the shipping container.

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8-feet by 8-feet to full-size 53-foot containers. It is important to consider both the length and width of the pickup truck when trying to determine if it will fit into a shipping container.

Most standard-size pickup trucks measure between 6 feet and 8 feet in length and approximately 6 feet wide, so they can comfortably fit into any 8-foot by 8-foot shipping container. For larger pickups, such as those with extended cabins, you may need to rent a larger size container for them to fit inside.

The height of the pickup truck is also important when considering whether or not it will fit inside a shipping container. Most standard pickups are about 5 feet tall, but some can be up to 6 feet tall with an extended cabin. If you have an extended cab pickup, it may require renting a taller container than usual.

When loading your pickup truck into a shipping container, there are several things you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure that all doors and windows are securely closed.
  • Remove any loose items from your vehicle before loading it into the container.
  • Check that there are no sharp objects protruding from anywhere inside the cargo area.
  • Securely fasten down your vehicle with straps or tie downs.

By following these steps you can ensure that your pickup truck will be safely transported without any damage occurring during transit.


In conclusion, yes, a pickup truck can fit inside a shipping container – provided that both the size of the truck and size of the container match up properly. It is important to consider both the length and width of your vehicle as well as its height when determining what size container you will need for successful transportation.

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