Will a Reese Goose Box Work on a Short Bed Truck?

Reese Goose Boxes are designed to be used in a variety of truck beds. The most common application is to be mounted on a full-size pickup truck, but they can also work on short bed trucks.

The main factor when considering whether a Reese Goose Box will work on a short bed truck is the length of the truck bed and the items being stored in the box.

Reese Goose Boxes come in many different sizes, from small boxes that fit behind the cab of a full-size pickup truck to larger boxes that fit between the wheel wells in a full-size pickup. For short bed trucks, there are two main options for Reese Goose Boxes: one that fits between the wheel wells, and one that fits behind the cab. The shorter box is typically used when carrying small items such as tools and supplies; however, if you plan to store larger items such as hunting gear or camping equipment, it is recommended to use the longer box.

When considering whether a Reese Goose Box will work on a short bed truck, it is important to keep in mind how much room you have in your truck bed. If you have limited space, then it may not be possible to fit both the box and all of your cargo at once. In this case, it may be beneficial to opt for either an over-the-cab or side mount model, as these models allow for more room in your truck bed.

It is also important to note that some trucks, such as compact pickups and mid-size pickups, may not have enough clearance for a Reese Goose Box between the wheel wells. Additionally, some full-size pickups may have too much space between their wheel wells for Reese Goose Boxes. Again, if this is an issue for your vehicle then an over-the-cab or side mount model may be more suitable.


A Reese Goose Box can work on a short bed truck depending on its size and what items are being stored in it. It is important to consider both how much room you have available in your truck bed and whether or not your vehicle has enough clearance for between the wheel wells before deciding which option will best suit your needs.

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