Will a UTV Fit in a Truck Bed?

When it comes to hauling a UTV, or utility task vehicle, the question of whether it will fit in a truck bed can be a tricky one. The answer to this question depends on the size of the UTV and the size of the truck bed. The most common type of UTV is a four-wheeler, which can range in size from small to large. Smaller UTVs may be able to fit in smaller truck beds, while larger ones may require a bigger bed.

The amount of space available in a truck bed also depends on the shape and size of the cab. For example, many full-size trucks have extended cabs that come with extra cargo space behind the seats. This extra space may be enough to fit a small UTV or ATV.

On the other hand, larger trucks such as pickups may not have as much room for storage and hauling cargo.

The height of a UTV is another factor that should be taken into consideration when determining if it will fit in a truck bed. Generally speaking, most UTVs are taller than most pickup trucks so they will not fit easily into most pickup beds without significant modification or customization. If you’re considering fitting a UTV into your pickup bed, you’ll likely need to invest in some custom suspension components or lift kits to make it happen.

In addition to measuring your vehicle and determining if your UTV will fit into the bed of your truck, you’ll also want to make sure your vehicle is rated for hauling heavy loads like vehicles and equipment. Many pickups come with payload ratings that are based on their factory-installed equipment so be sure to check this rating before attempting to haul anything larger than what is recommended by the manufacturer.


Will a UTV Fit in a Truck Bed? The answer depends on the size and shape of both vehicles as well as any modifications needed for fitting it into the truck bed. It’s important to measure both vehicles carefully and make sure that your truck is rated for hauling such loads before attempting anything.

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