Will There Be a Bronco Pickup Truck?

The Ford Bronco has been a fan favorite for decades and is one of the most iconic off-road vehicles of all time. Ford recently announced that it will be bringing back the Bronco for 2020, and many people are wondering if this means a Bronco pickup truck is on the way.

The original Ford Bronco, released in 1966, was a two-door SUV with an optional pick-up bed. This model went on to be hugely popular, but was eventually discontinued in 1996.

The new 2020 Ford Bronco is set to be a four-door SUV and will not have any pickup bed option.

Ford has not officially announced plans for a pickup truck version of the new Bronco, but there have been rumors circulating that they are considering it. There have also been concept photos floating around that show what a pickup version of the Bronco might look like. It looks similar to the 2020 model, but with an extended pickup bed.

Whether or not Ford decides to release a pickup version of the new Bronco remains to be seen. It would certainly appeal to some potential buyers who are looking for an off-road vehicle with more cargo capacity than a traditional SUV offers. On the other hand, it could also cannibalize sales from other pick-up trucks in their lineup, such as the F-150.


At this point in time, it’s unclear whether or not Ford will release a pickup truck version of their new 2020 Bronco. While it would certainly be popular with some potential buyers who want more cargo capacity than an SUV offers, it may also take away sales from other pick-up trucks in their lineup. Only time will tell if we’ll see a Bronco pick-up truck hitting the roads anytime soon.

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