Can a Tow Truck Come on Private Property in Texas?

Texas tow truck laws have been designed to protect both the property owners and the tow truck companies when it comes to towing vehicles from private property. The laws specify that a tow truck can only come on private property if certain conditions are met.

The first condition is that the tow truck must be called by either the person who owns the vehicle, or by the person who owns or controls the property that the vehicle is parked on. This means that if someone sees a car parked in their driveway, they cannot just call a tow truck without permission from either the vehicle’s owner or the property owner.

The second condition is that, in order for a tow truck to be allowed onto private property, there must be visible signs posted on the property warning of towing. These signs must include information such as:

  • the name and phone number of the company providing towing services;
  • the hours during which vehicles may not be parked on the property;
  • the location where towed vehicles will be taken; and
  • any fees associated with towing.

Towing Rules for Specific Types of Property

There are some additional rules in Texas regarding specific types of private property. For example, apartment complexes must provide written notice to tenants at least 24 hours before a vehicle may be towed from their premises. For mobile home parks, there are even stricter rules, requiring written notification at least 48 hours prior to any vehicle being towed.

Responsibilities of Towing Companies

In addition to meeting all of these conditions for coming onto private property, Texas law requires all tow truck companies operating in Texas to abide by certain standards when it comes to their operations. These standards include:

  • proper licensing;
  • adequate insurance coverage;
  • a clear fee structure for customers; and
  • proper signage informing customers about their rights.

It is important for both property owners and those whose vehicles may be towed from private property in Texas to understand these laws in order to ensure that they are being followed properly.


< p style="text-align:center">In summary, it is legal for a tow truck company in Texas to come onto private property under certain conditions. These conditions require written notice or proper signage warning of possible towing, as well as adherence to specific regulations regarding licensing and insurance coverage.

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