Can You Tow a 2wd Truck on a Dolly?

Towing a two-wheel drive (2wd) truck on a dolly is possible, but it should be done with caution. A dolly is a towing device consisting of two axles and four wheels, which can be attached to a tow vehicle in order to move an automobile or truck.

It is typically used for short-distance towing, such as when moving a car from one place to another. In the case of 2wd trucks, they are often not able to be towed on all four wheels, as their transmission systems are not designed for this type of activity.

The main risk associated with towing a 2wd truck on a dolly is that the drivetrain can become damaged if the truck’s transmission is exposed to too much strain. This could occur if the tow vehicle does not have enough power to pull the full weight of the truck and dolly combination.

Additionally, there is also the possibility that the tow vehicle may not be able to control or brake adequately when pulling such a heavy load.

It is important that any 2wd trucks that are being towed on dollies have their transmission systems inspected before doing so. This includes checking for any worn or loose components, as well as ensuring that all lubricants are at the correct levels. Additionally, it is also important that both vehicles have adequate brakes in order for them to be able stop properly and safely.

When towing 2wd trucks on dollies, it is essential that they are always driven at slow speeds and small inclines should be avoided where possible. If these precautions are taken then it should be possible for a tow vehicle and dolly combination to successfully move a 2wd truck from one place to another without damaging its transmission system.


In conclusion, it is possible to tow a 2wd truck on a dolly but this must be done with caution and care in order avoid damaging its transmission system. It is important that both vehicles involved have adequate brakes and that all components of the drivetrain are inspected before attempting such an activity.

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