How Do You Tow a Truck on a Car Dolly?

Towing a truck on a car dolly is a great way to transport your vehicle safely and with ease. This method is especially useful when you need to haul a larger truck that won’t fit in the bed of a pick-up. It’s also more cost-effective than renting or buying a trailer, and it can be done with minimal effort and no special tools required.

The first step in tow-trucking is to attach the car dolly to your vehicle. Typically, this involves using straps and chains to secure the dolly to the hitch of your car or truck. You’ll want to make sure the straps are tight and securely fastened, as any slack may cause the dolly to shift while you’re driving. Once everything is secured, drive your vehicle onto the dolly so that it sits firmly on top of it.

Make sure that the front wheels of your truck are lined up with the wheel tracks on the dolly, as this will ensure that it stays balanced while you’re transporting it.

Once your truck is safely on the dolly, it’s time to attach it to your vehicle. This can be done by connecting a tow bar from the frame of your vehicle to the frame of your truck on the car dolly. The tow bar should be securely fastened so that there is no chance for movement while you’re driving. Additionally, you’ll want to check all of your connections before starting out on your journey – this includes making sure that all safety chains are connected properly and free from any kinks or bends.

Finally, once everything is connected securely and all safety checks have been completed, you can start driving with caution – taking slow turns and avoiding rough roads as much as possible. When you arrive at your destination, simply back up gently until you feel resistance from the trailer – this will help ensure that when you unhitch everything, it will stay upright and in place.


Towing a truck on a car dolly requires minimal effort and no special tools – just some simple straps and chains for securing both vehicles together safely. With proper preparation, anyone can easily tow their truck from one location to another without worry.

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