Did Cadillac Make a Pickup Truck?

The Cadillac brand is well-known for luxury vehicles, but did you know they also made a pickup truck? In the early years of the company, Cadillac had a few different models of pickup trucks.

The first model, released in 1917, was called the Type 51. It was offered as a two-seat light delivery truck and was powered by a 3.2L 4-cylinder engine. The Type 51 was built on the same wheelbase as the passenger cars of the time and featured a two-speed transmission and rear wheel drive.

In 1918, Cadillac released the Type 53, which was an updated version of the Type 51. It featured a larger 4.3L engine and an improved three-speed transmission. This model had a longer wheelbase than its predecessor and could accommodate up to four passengers.

The next model to be released by Cadillac was the Type 55 in 1923. This model featured an improved 5.7L V8 engine and could seat up to five passengers comfortably. It also had an improved four-speed transmission and rear wheel drivetrain.

Cadillac continued to produce different models of pickup trucks until 1937 when they stopped production due to changing demand for luxury vehicles and higher manufacturing costs associated with producing trucks at that time.


Did Cadillac make a pickup truck? The answer is yes! Although production ceased in 1937 due to changing demand for luxury vehicles, Cadillac did produce several models of pickups from 1917 to 1937.

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