Did Lexus Ever Make a Pickup Truck?

Lexus, the luxury division of Japanese automaker Toyota, has long been known for producing premium vehicles. While Lexus has made cars, SUVs and even hybrid models, one type of vehicle it has not yet made is a pickup truck.

Pickup trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many automakers now offering them in their lineup. Lexus has remained out of the pickup game, though there are rumors that they may be planning to enter the market in the near future.

Lexus already has a presence in the luxury segment with its SUVs and cars, so it would make sense for them to produce a high-end pickup truck as well. The company already produces a number of vehicles that offer impressive performance and luxurious amenities, so adding a pickup truck to the mix could be an exciting move for Lexus.

If Lexus does decide to make a pickup truck, it would likely be very different from other pickups on the market. It would likely feature all of the same luxurious amenities that other Lexus vehicles do – such as leather seating and premium audio systems – as well as advanced technology features like driver-assist systems and semi-autonomous driving capabilities.

It’s unclear when or if Lexus will ever release a pickup truck, but if they do it could be an exciting addition to their lineup of luxury vehicles. The company is known for its quality and attention to detail, so any pickup truck they produce would certainly be worth checking out.


Did Lexus ever make a pickup truck? No – while there have been rumors that Lexus may be planning to enter the market with a high-end option soon, they have yet to produce one.

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