Does a Truck Camper Shell Improve Gas Mileage?

Truck Camper Shells are a popular accessory for pickup trucks, providing extra storage and security for your cargo. They can also provide much needed protection from the elements.

But do they improve gas mileage?

The answer is yes, but not by a huge margin. Truck camper shells can improve gas mileage by up to 5% in some cases, depending on the design of the shell and the type of truck that it’s installed on.

The biggest benefit is that they reduce drag caused by wind resistance. This reduction in drag can lead to improved fuel economy when traveling at highway speeds. Additionally, truck camper shells can reduce aerodynamic drag caused by open beds and cabins, which can lead to an additional improvement in gas mileage.

In addition to improved gas mileage, truck camper shells also provide additional security for cargo stored in the bed of the truck. They are made from durable materials like aluminum or fiberglass that offer superior structural strength and protection against theft or vandalism. Furthermore, they provide additional insulation against extreme weather conditions like rain or snow.

Finally, truck camper shells can also add a unique aesthetic touch to your vehicle. Many people choose to customize their shells with custom paint jobs or aftermarket accessories like grille guards. This allows you to express your personal style while still getting all of the benefits of having a truck camper shell.


In conclusion, truck camper shells do improve gas mileage by up to 5%. This improvement comes from reducing drag caused by wind resistance and aerodynamic drag from an open bed or cabin. Moreover, they also provide superior security for cargo stored in the bed of the truck as well as adding a unique aesthetic touch when customized with custom paint jobs or aftermarket accessories.

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