Does Gas Monkey Garage Still Have a Monster Truck?

Monster trucks are an iconic part of the American motorsport landscape. Gas Monkey Garage has been one of the most popular and influential teams in the sport since its inception in 2003. The team has won numerous championships and set several records, making them one of the most successful monster truck teams in history.

The team is best known for its flagship monster truck, Monster Jam World Finals champion Grave Digger. It was originally built in 1984 by Dennis Anderson and has since been replicated by other drivers. Grave Digger is now owned by Feld Motorsports, which purchased it from the original owner in 2011.

The team also owns several other monster trucks, such as El Toro Loco, Max-D and Megalodon, which are all based on their own chassis designs. Each of these trucks have their own unique paint schemes and features that make them stand out from the competition.

Gas Monkey Garage’s success has also led to lucrative sponsorship deals with major companies such as Monster Energy, Hot Wheels and K&N Filters. This has enabled them to expand their operations and build more vehicles for their fans to enjoy at live events around the world.

So does Gas Monkey Garage still have a monster truck? The answer is yes! They still own several monster trucks that they use for promotional purposes at live events throughout the year. However, the team no longer competes in Monster Jam World Finals or other major competitions due to sponsorship constraints placed by Feld Motorsports.

Overall, Gas Monkey Garage remains a major player in the monster truck scene despite no longer competing in championships or owning Grave Digger outright. Their influence can still be seen through their vehicles, sponsorships and fan base that continues to grow each year.

Conclusion: Yes, Gas Monkey Garage still has a monster truck! Although they no longer compete in championships or own Grave Digger outright due to sponsorship constraints placed by Feld Motorsports, they still own several other monster trucks that they use for promotional purposes at live events throughout the year.

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