Does GMC Make a Long Bed Truck?

GMC trucks are one of the most popular vehicles in the US auto market. With a long history of reliable, rugged performance and dependable engineering, GMC trucks are a favorite choice for those looking for a workhorse vehicle.

But does GMC make a long bed truck? The answer is yes.

GMC offers several different models of long bed trucks, ranging from compact to full-size. The compact Canyon and mid-size Canyon are both available with extended cab and long bed configurations.

The full-size Sierra 1500 is also available with a 6 foot 6 inch bed length, while the Sierra HD crew cab models include an 8 foot bed option. All of these models can be further customized with accessories and packages to meet individual needs.

In addition to offering extended cab and larger bed lengths, GMC also offers several innovative features designed to make these long beds more functional. For example, the MultiPro tailgate on the Sierra 1500 and 2500HD models allows you to open up different sections of the tailgate for added versatility when loading cargo or equipment. There’s also an available power up/down tailgate that makes it easy to access your cargo without having to manually lift the tailgate each time.

GMC also offers a range of convenient cargo management accessories designed specifically for their long bed trucks. These include adjustable tie-down cleats that allow you to securely fasten items inside your truck bed as well as an integrated under-seat storage system that provides additional space for tools or other items.


In conclusion, GMC does offer several models of long bed trucks, ranging from compact to full-size options. These vehicles feature innovative features like MultiPro tailgates and adjustable tie-down cleats that make them great workhorses for any job. Plus, there are plenty of cargo management accessories designed specifically for GMC’s long beds, making them even more capable and convenient.

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