How Big Is the Truck Bed of a Toyota Tundra?

When it comes to choosing the right type of truck for your needs, the Toyota Tundra is one of the top contenders. The Tundra is known for its large size and powerful engine that can tackle tough jobs with ease. But how big is the truck bed of a Toyota Tundra?

The truck bed of a Toyota Tundra is quite spacious, measuring in at approximately 5.5 feet (1.68 meters) wide and 6.98 meters) long. The total cargo area of this truck bed is approximately 38 cubic feet (1.08 cubic meters). This large space allows you to store a variety of items with ease, such as tools, camping gear, or even larger items like furniture.

The maximum weight capacity for the Toyota Tundra’s truck bed is 1,530 pounds (696 kilograms). This allows you to transport heavier items with no problem whatsoever. The payload capacity of this impressive piece of machinery varies depending on the model you choose.

Additional Features:

The Toyota Tundra also comes with additional features such as an integrated bedliner that helps protect your cargo from rain or other elements while in transit. It also has a tailgate-assist mechanism which helps make loading and unloading easier and more convenient.


In conclusion, the truck bed of a Toyota Tundra is quite spacious and offers plenty of storage space for whatever you need to carry with it. It has a maximum weight capacity of 1,530 pounds and an integrated bedliner to help protect your cargo from any outdoor elements. It also has a tailgate-assist mechanism that makes loading and unloading much easier.

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