How Do You Make a Pickup Truck Camper?

Making your own pickup truck camper is a great way to create a low-cost, custom-built vehicle that suits all of your travel needs. From off-road adventures to weekend camping trips, the versatility of a pickup truck camper makes it an attractive option for any outdoors enthusiast.

Building your own camper requires some skill and knowledge in carpentry and electrical work, so it’s important to do some research before starting. First, you need to decide which type of camper you want.

A pop-up or slide-in camper are great options for those who are looking for something lightweight and easy to maneuver. For those who want more amenities, such as running water and electricity, a hard-sided camper might be the best choice.

Once you’ve decided on the type of camper you want, it’s time to start gathering materials. The most important thing you’ll need is wood panels for building the frame of the camper.

You can use plywood or other types of wood such as OSB (oriented strand board). Plywood is often preferable because it’s stronger than OSB and will last longer over time.

In addition to the wood panels, you’ll also need screws, nails, and other fasteners to hold everything together. For insulation purposes, many people opt for foam boards that are specifically designed for RVs or campers.

Depending on how large your pickup truck is and what type of amenities you want in your camper, you may also need additional materials such as plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring components, lighting fixtures, windows, doors and vents. If possible, try to find all these items second hand from salvage yards or other sources.


Once all the materials have been gathered it’s time to start assembly.

Begin by constructing the frame for the floor planks using screws or nails depending on what material was used for the frame. Once this is done you can begin attaching each plank one at a time until complete.

Next up is building out walls with insulation between each panel if desired. After that comes installing windows and doors followed by any additional fixtures such as cabinets or drawers.

The last step in building your pickup truck camper is connecting all the wiring components together so that everything works properly when power is applied. This includes running wires from lights and appliances through walls and into outlets.


Building a pickup truck camper can be a fun and rewarding project but it requires knowledge in carpentry and electrical work in order to do it correctly.

It’s important to research different types of campers before starting so that you know exactly what materials are needed and how they should be assembled together. With patience and dedication anyone can build their own custom pickup truck camper!

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