How Do You Set Up a RC Car for Oval Racing?

RC Car racing is a great way to have fun with friends and family. It’s also an exciting hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Racing on an oval track is one of the most popular forms of RC Car racing, and it requires some special preparation before you can hit the track. Here’s how you set up your RC car for oval racing.

Choose the Right Vehicle

The first step in setting up your RC car for oval racing is choosing the right vehicle. The type of RC car you choose should be based on the type of track you will be competing on.

If you’re planning to race on a large, slippery surface like asphalt or concrete, then a touring car or drift car would be the best option. If you’re racing on a smaller, tighter track with lots of turns, then a buggy or short course truck would be better suited.

Tune Your Setup

Once you have your vehicle chosen, it’s time to tune your setup. This involves making adjustments to things like ride height, shock absorber settings, camber angles and toe angles.

All of these factors will affect how your car handles on the track and can make a big difference in terms of performance. It’s important to take time to properly adjust these settings before each race to ensure that your car is running at its best.

Choose Your Tyres

Tyres are another important factor when it comes to setting up an RC car for oval racing. The type of tyre you choose will depend on the surface that you are racing on as well as your driving style. Soft tyres will provide more grip but tend to wear out faster; whereas harder tyres provide less grip but are more durable in the long run.

Add Some Weight

Adding weight to your vehicle can also help improve its performance on an oval track by increasing traction and improving handling. You can add weight by using lead sheets or adhesive weights which are available at most hobby shops.

Setting up an RC car for oval racing requires some special preparation and attention to detail. Choosing the right vehicle, tuning your setup and selecting suitable tyres are all important steps that need to be taken before hitting the track. Adding some weight can also help improve performance by increasing traction and handling capabilities.
With careful preparation, anyone can have fun and competitive races around an oval track with their RC cars!

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