How Do You Transport a Truck Camper?

Transporting a truck camper is no small feat. It takes some know-how and the right equipment to get it safely from Point A to Point B. But if you’re willing to invest the time and money, you can easily move your truck camper with these simple steps.

Step 1: Measure Your Camper
Before you begin, accurately measure your truck camper. Note the length, width, and height of the unit, as well as its weight.

Knowing these numbers will help you determine what type of vehicle or trailer you will need for transport. Most truck campers range between 8-12 feet in length, so keep that in mind when selecting a trailer or hauling vehicle.

Step 2: Choose Your Transport Vehicle
The size and weight of your camper will dictate what type of vehicle or trailer you need for transport. If your camper is on the smaller side (8-10 feet), consider renting a flatbed trailer to haul your unit.

If your camper is larger (10-12 feet), you may want to look into renting a box trailer or even a specialized RV hauler with an extended bed. Be sure to research rental companies in advance so that you can compare prices and features before making a decision.

Step 3: Use Wheel Chocks
Once you have selected your transportation vehicle, it’s time to prepare for loading the camper onto it. To ensure that the unit does not shift during transport, use wheel chocks on all four corners of the truck camper before loading it onto the trailer or hauling vehicle. This will help reduce the risk of damage from shifting during transit.

Step 4: Securely Load Your Camper
Once your wheel chocks are in place, carefully load your truck camper onto the transportation vehicle using straps and tie-downs. When loading, make sure that all tie-downs are securely fastened so that there is no risk of movement during transit. It is also important to check all straps and tie-downs regularly throughout transit to ensure they remain secure and tight at all times.


Transporting a truck camper requires careful planning and preparation in order to ensure safe transport from Point A to Point B. With accurate measurements, careful selection of transportation vehicles or trailers, proper usage of wheel chocks and secure tie-downs during loading – transporting a truck camper can be done safely without any major issues!

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