How Do You Use a Tow Truck?

Towing a vehicle with a tow truck is one of the most effective ways to move it from one place to another. Whether you need to take a car or truck to the repair shop, move a disabled vehicle to get it out of the way, or transport multiple vehicles in one trip, a tow truck can make the job easier. There are some important steps to follow when using a tow truck for safe and efficient transport.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before loading your vehicle onto the tow truck, you’ll need to prepare it for transportation. Make sure all doors and windows are closed, and double check that all personal belongings have been removed from inside.

If possible, remove any roof racks or spare tire carriers as well. It’s also important to disable any alarms that may be activated during transport. All four wheels should be securely chocked before loading.

Load the Vehicle Safely

Once your vehicle is ready for transport, it’s time to load it onto the tow truck. Most tow trucks use either wheel straps or wheel lifts, so make sure you know which type of equipment your driver is using.

If wheel straps are used, they should be attached securely to each wheel before lifting. Wheel lifts use an adjustable yoke that should be placed beneath each tire before lifting begins.

Secure the Vehicle on the Tow Truck

Once loaded onto the tow truck, you’ll need to secure your vehicle in place for safe travel. In most cases this will involve tying down each wheel with straps or chains and then attaching a safety chain between your vehicle and the bed of the tow truck for additional security.

This will help prevent any shifting during transport.

Drive Carefully

When driving with a loaded tow truck, it’s important to use extra care and caution on both city streets and highways. Be sure to avoid sudden stops and starts as this can cause your load to shift around on the bed of the truck. You should also allow extra stopping distance when braking as this can help reduce wear on both your vehicle and trailer.


Using a tow truck is an efficient way to transport vehicles from one place to another. By following these steps you can ensure that your vehicle is safely loaded onto the tow truck, securely fastened in place, and transported without issue. With these safety measures in place you can rest assured knowing that your car will arrive at its destination without incident.

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