How Do You Use the Tow Truck in Lego City Undercover?

Lego City Undercover is a popular adventure game for Nintendo Switch and Wii U. In this game, players take on the role of undercover cop Chase McCain as he explores the bustling metropolis of Lego City in search of crime bosses and lawbreakers. One of the tools that players have at their disposal is the Tow Truck, which can be used to clear obstacles and move large objects around the city.

How to Use the Tow Truck in Lego City Undercover

The Tow Truck can be used to tow away large objects or vehicles that are blocking your path. To use it, simply press ‘Y’ on your controller while Chase is standing next to an object or vehicle that needs to be towed away.

Chase will then jump into the driver’s seat of the Tow Truck and you’ll be able to drive it around the city, using ‘A’ and ‘B’ on your controller to steer left and right. You can also use the left stick on your controller to accelerate or brake. Once you’ve reached your destination, press ‘Y’ again and Chase will hop back out of the truck and you’re ready for whatever mission lies ahead!

Tips for Using The Tow Truck
The Tow Truck can be a useful tool when exploring Lego City, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when using it:

  • Be sure not to crash into other vehicles or obstacles while driving.
  • Keep an eye on your fuel gauge – if it runs out, you’ll have to find a new one!
  • Be sure not to tow too large an object – if it’s too big, you won’t be able to fit it onto your truck.


Using the Tow Truck in Lego City Undercover is a great way to explore more of this vibrant city while also helping out on missions. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon become an expert at driving this powerful tool around town!

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