How Fast Is a Maxx RC Car?

Maxx RC cars provide a thrilling, fun way to experience the thrill of high speed racing. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran driver, these cars offer an exciting and adrenaline-filled way to enjoy the world of RC racing. But how fast are Maxx RC cars?

The answer to this depends on the type of Maxx RC car that you have. There are several different categories and models that vary in speed and performance capabilities. The most popular models are the 1/8 scale buggies, trucks, and truggies that offer speeds up to 50 mph or more.

For those looking for even more speed, there are also 1/5 scale models available that can reach speeds of up to 80 mph. These models require more skill and expertise to drive correctly as they have higher levels of power and acceleration than their smaller siblings.

In addition to these models, there are also specialty classes such as drift cars and rock crawlers that offer their own unique set of speeds and capabilities. Drift cars usually have lower top speeds but higher acceleration capabilities for drifting around tight corners at high speeds. Rock crawlers on the other hand offer slower top speeds but better handling in rough terrain.

No matter what model you choose, all Maxx RC cars come with advanced electronics such as brushless motors, escs (electronic speed controllers), servos (servomotors), and batteries which allow for higher top speeds and longer run times than traditional brushed motor vehicles.


Maxx RC cars come in a variety of sizes and styles offering different levels of speed and performance capabilities ranging from beginner level vehicles with speeds up to 50 mph all the way up to specialty classes such as drift cars and rock crawlers that can reach up to 80 mph or more. With advanced electronics like brushless motors, escs, servos, and batteries all included in each model, anyone can experience the thrill of high speed RC racing with a Maxx RC car.

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