How Long Is a Flatbed for a Short Bed Truck?

Flatbeds for short bed trucks are commonly used by truck owners who are looking to add more versatility to their vehicles. With a flatbed, the user can haul items that would not fit in a standard truck bed, such as furniture and building materials. Flatbeds are also used to transport large items such as boats or ATVs. The size of the flatbed is an important consideration when choosing one for your truck.

A typical flatbed for a short bed truck is 8 feet long. This length of flatbed is ideal for those who will be hauling smaller items and need a bed that won’t take up too much space in the truck bed. It’s also suitable for those who don’t need to carry large items, such as ATVs or boats. This size of flatbed will usually have a steel frame and decked out with wooden boards, which provide additional strength and protection from the elements.

For those who need more space, there are 10-foot and 12-foot flatbeds available for short bed trucks. These larger sizes allow you to haul larger items, such as boats and construction materials. They also provide more room on the deck of the flatbed, which can be useful if you’re hauling multiple items at once.

When choosing a flatbed for your short bed truck, it’s important to consider your needs and how much space you’ll need. You should also consider the weight capacity of the flatbed frame; some frames may not be able to handle heavier loads such as ATVs or boats.


How long is a flatbed for a short bed truck? The answer depends on what size of flatbed you choose; typically 8ft, 10ft or 12ft lengths are available depending on your needs. It’s important to consider your needs when choosing a flatbed so that you can ensure it has enough space and strength to carry whatever items you plan on hauling.

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