How Long Is the Back of a Short Bed Truck?

Short bed trucks are the most popular type of truck on the road. They are known for their maneuverability, ability to fit in tight spaces, and their smaller size compared to other types of trucks. But how long is the back of a short bed truck?

The answer depends on what type of short bed truck you’re asking about. The most common type is a regular cab short bed (RCSB), which has a cargo area that measures just under five and a half feet long. This size of truck is ideal for those who don’t need to carry large loads, but still need the capability and convenience of a pickup.

For those looking to carry larger loads, there are extended cab short beds (ECSB). These have an extra foot or so added onto the cargo area, bringing the total length up to around six and a half feet. This extra space can be used for additional seating or storage.

Finally, there are crew cab short beds (CCSB), which feature an even longer cargo area measuring almost eight feet in length. These are great for larger families or those who need more storage space.

In conclusion, the length of the back of a short bed truck varies depending on the type of model you choose. Regular cab models measure just under five and a half feet in length, extended cab models measure around six and a half feet, and crew cab models measure almost eight feet long.

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