How Much Are the Monster Truck Tickets?

Monster truck tickets are always a popular item for fans of these massive vehicles that can crush cars and soar through the air. The cost of monster truck tickets varies depending on where you purchase them, the event, and the seating arrangements.

When it comes to buying tickets for monster truck events, you will typically find three main options: online, at the venue box office, or from an authorized ticket outlet. Purchasing tickets online usually has the added convenience of allowing you to select your exact seat location and print out your ticket immediately.

The cost of monster truck tickets also depends on what type of seating you choose. Many venues offer general admission seating, which is typically the most affordable option. However, if you want a more exclusive viewing experience, you can opt for VIP or reserved seating which may be more expensive but offers better views and access to exclusive areas.

The type of event is also a factor in determining how much monster truck tickets cost. A large show with multiple trucks will likely be more expensive than a smaller show with fewer vehicles. Additionally, some shows include additional attractions such as stunt shows or music performances that may be included in the ticket price.


Monster truck tickets can vary in cost depending on where they are purchased, what type of seating is chosen, and what type of event is taking place. Generally speaking, online purchases provide added convenience and may offer lower prices than box office purchases. VIP or reserved seating will usually be more expensive but offers better access and views to the show.

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