How Much Can You Make Hauling With a Pickup Truck?

Hauling with a pickup truck can be an effective way to make money, either full-time or as a side job. It’s a flexible profession that allows you to be your own boss and work with minimal overhead costs. All you really need is a truck and some basic tools.

The amount of money you can make hauling with a pickup truck depends on several factors, including the type of job you take on, how much time you’re willing to dedicate to the job, and the size of your vehicle. Smaller pickups are great for light jobs such as moving furniture or running errands, while larger trucks can handle more substantial hauling jobs such as large appliances, construction materials, and landscaping projects.

One way to make good money hauling with a pickup truck is by offering your services for hire. You can advertise your services on local classifieds or social media platforms, or even set up a website so potential customers can find you easily.

You’ll also need to set your rates so that you’re making enough money for each job. Be sure to factor in fuel costs and other expenses so that the rate is still competitive.

Another option is to partner up with businesses in related industries who could use your services on an ongoing basis. For example, if you have a large truck, you may be able to provide delivery services for furniture stores or appliance retailers. Or if your vehicle is smaller, you may be able to help local restaurants run pick-up orders.

Finally, consider joining an online platform that connects people who need hauling services with those who offer them. These platforms often require their haulers to have certain types of vehicles and implements specific service requirements like insurance coverage and background checks.


How much money one can make hauling with a pickup truck depends upon several factors such as the type of job taken on, how much time one dedicates towards it, size of the vehicle etc. One can offer their services for hire via classifieds/social media platforms/websites/online platforms etc., and partner up with related businesses for recurring jobs too. With the right approach and dedication towards work one definitely has potential for making good money out of it!

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